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13 APRIL, 19:00

From a misty cloud of peppermint and lime comes a series of dances, crushed hearts and damp soil. Whiffcraft takes us to a world of fragmented, distorted, and made-up memories. Whiffcraft envelops you with sounds and whiffs, in a lemonade of dances and scents.


Scents have been shown to trigger strong memories, especially emotional ones. This phenomenon is called “The Proust effect”,an intense reliving of events from the past, triggered by scents or flavors. Memories, emotions and moods connected to scents was the starting point for the making of Whiffcraft.


Dancers and choreographers:

Catarina Zarazua Mujo

Ellen Söderhult

Marvil Maravillas Iglesias

Videographer and photographer:

Erwin Semler

Scenography consultant:

Tove Dreiman


Catarina Zarazua Mujo

Ellen Söderhult

Marvil Maravillas Iglesias


With support from:  Swedish Arts Council, Uppsala municipality, Dansplats Skog

Residencies: Dansplats Skog, Skeppsholmsstudion, Köttinspektionen Dans, MDT


THURSDAY 13 april kl. 19.00​ 

FRIDAY14 april kl. 19:00

Suitable for ages 13 and up

NOT  for people with fragrance allergy or sensitivity to fragrances

Come without perfume for the best experience

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