What could possibly go wrong?

En komedi med musik av och med John Fiske

För åk 9 och gymnasiet

Onsdag 18 oktober kl. 10.30 & 13.30

Spelplats: Kulturpunkten (Gottsunda Centrum)


What could possibly go wrong? är en komedi med musik av och med John Fiske. Den spelas både för en vuxen publik men också för elever som går i gymnasier och årskurs 9.


Föreställningen spelas på engelska.

What could possibly go wrong? Western civilisation is obsessed with success even though most of us have a talent for the opposite. Incompetence and misfortune is what we are good at. Take a seaman called Lars Olsson. Having survived the sinking of the Titanic he immediately took a job on another ship. On its first trip it also hit an iceberg and sank. Once again Olsson managed to survive but it is said that from that day on he suffered stomach-ache. Or take an inventor called Thomas Midgley who died truly believing he had contributed inventions of value to the world. These included adding lead to petrol and the use of Freon in fridges, probably two of the biggest environmental mistakes mankind has made in the last hundred years. Shit happens, Sod's law applies and a dropped toast and marmalade will always land with the marmalade side down.

Medverkande: John Fiske

What could possibly go wrong   l   18 OKTOBER


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